Cano island biological reserve

cano IslandCano Island also know as Isla del Caño is a paradise in Costa Rica!

Lying in the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean, 12 nautical miles; offshore from the Osa Peninsula at drake bay, Isla del Caño or Cano Island is an amazing marine biological reserve in Costa Rica.

Part of Puntarenas province and just northeast of the Corcovado National Park, Cano Island is an island of considerable geographical and archeological importance.

Cano Island is Fifteen kilometers from the Port of San Pedrillo, this 300-hectare piece of land was formerly a cemetery or burial ground dating back to the pre-Columbian era.
Evidence of the Cano island’s history is the incredible stone spheres that have been found here, all of which are hand carved and perfectly rounded. On the island itself, not much wildlife or fauna is found. However, Cano Island is often used as a migratory passage of birds who fly to warmer climes from the northern hemisphere during the winter. Aside from the evergreen forest found on the island, the only other trees growing out here include the rubber tree, the wild cocoa tree and some shrubs and bushes. Besides birds like the osprey, black hawk, cattle egret and phalarope, some common animals and reptiles on the island are; bats, boa constrictors, possums, tree frogs, moths, beetles, bats, mosquitoes, rats and lizards.

The real beauty of Cano Island is not found on its land, but underwater. The Cano Island’s virgin waters are some of the bluest in the country, and are home to a spectacular variety of stunning marine flora and fauna as well as some gorgeous coral reefs.

Cano Island is Rated as being the best underwater adventure diving spots in the world, the Cano Island Biological Reserve is also home to a huge variety of fish, whales and sharks.


cano island scuba diving

With fantastic underwater visibility, one can see on any given day, sea turtles, dolphins, stingrays, manta rays, moray eels, barracudas, tuna, snapper and grouper swimming alongside a variety sharks and humpback or pilot whales. Since the Cano island is a reserve scuba diving and snorkel numbers are regulated, and visitors are not allowed to remove any marine life, dead or alive.

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